Smutta Carafe Brewing Set (Rose Gold)

Smutta Carafe Brewing Set (Rose Gold)

The Brewing Kit is designed to satisfy a sequential scenario in the operation of making coffee. 
The double-wall glass carafe provides heat retention when holding, and the heat-resistant silicone lid functions as a cradle for the dripper after the coffee is made.   

This product includes a cone-shaped filter made of Eco-friendly 100% linen. 

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The brewing kit embodies the same sleek water droplet theme as the pour-over kettle. From the top down, an inverted cone opens up into a filtered wide-diameter vessel. The filter handle is made of a heat-resistant silicone to keep it cool to the touch. The appearance of the brewing kit was inspired by the natural landscape of the Nordic region. Looking at it, you may envision a neat arrangement of trees, or maybe the melting snow and ice. And of course you can imagine it as that perfect sip of coffee. 

We also designed a special coffee filter cloth made from pure linen to fit neatly onto the pot. The brewing kit is simple to clean thoroughly, making it just as simple to use over and over again. As a result, each and every brew maintains a fresh and enjoyable taste.

After passing through the filter cloth, the coffee lands in the glass pot. Thanks to the insulation of the double-layer design and visual appeal of the clear glass, your coffee is just as satisfying to drink as it is to look at. Not only do we expect coffee lovers to be amazed by the quality of the coffee brewed with our brewing kit, but we also hope to invite first-time coffee drinkers to fall in love with our first cup of coffee to you. 

Materials: 18-10 Stainless Steel, Silicon.

Dripper Extraction 
The unique design of cone shape with pattern in premium 18-10 stainless steel increases the area of coffee-to-water contact and boosts the extraction.

Double Wall Glass 
Carafe Double wall performs the best result for longer heat retention. With 350ml of capacity, it's perfect for serving 2 cups.

Heat-Resistant Silicone Lid 
The two-in-one silicone lid is to cover the carafe and also utilized as a dripper rest.

100% Linen Filter 
Eco-friendly 100% linen filter provides the original flavour of coffee.


"The core value of design should be based on provision of convenience, comfort, and ease of use. Aesthetic appearance is always the fundenmetal of design."

Albert Hsueh, who grew up in Singapore and Canada, and a graduate from Industrial Design in Rhode Island Schol of Design; also the creator of the very 1st product from PAUS - Smutta Coffee series, which is inspired from the form of waterdrop, as the main key to shape its design form into a smooth & friendly perception. Also being a coffee geek himself, Albert tried to apply his coffee brewing experience into the design of Smutta series; as he states: "I need to make sure the product would be used without stress, I think this is what designers should be capable of." After a year long development, we hope to give you an experience which is just as easy as how its name means - Smutta (Sip in Swedish).