Smutta Pour-Over Kettle (Rose Gold)

Smutta Pour-Over Kettle (Rose Gold)

It is curvy, well-constructed, elegant, and comfortable in operation; the Smutta kettle is tested from baristas around the world to ensure it is friendly from inside out.

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The maiden product of the PAUS-Smutta series is our pour-over coffee kettle. The radiant curved stainless steel kettle is designed to evoke the image of a rounded water droplet. It is constructed with heat-resistant silicone to keep your coffee insulated during the brewing process.

The pour-over kettle has a capacity of roughly 600 c.c. and is well insulated to maintain an optimum brewing temperature of 92°C. The slip-resistant kettle cover ensures sealing and safety. After undergoing countless grip tests, the kettle handle was ergonomically designed with an appropriate length so it can be lifted with ease and ensure a gentle pour.

Observe the connection between the kettle body and the spout, which was specially designed to slowly funnel the water with elegance. The kettle endured extensive testing to achieve a stable water column. In addition to controlling the amount and angle of water during pouring, it also takes into account the impact of the water the moment the kettle is tilted and the center of gravity when the kettle is sitting on a surface. The perfect angle of the spout conveniently allows you to pour your coffee during the brewing process.

No matter who you are or where you come from, everyone deserves an enjoyable coffee brewing experience. Leave it to the PAUS-Smutta pour-over kettle to brew your favorite coffee to always guarantee a beautiful start to your day. 

Materials: 18-10 Stainless Steel, Silicon, PP Plastic.

Spout for Precise Pour Control 
The well-transition-designed from broad to slim gooseneck allows precise control over the pouring position, volume and speed of water.

Comfortable Fitting Handle 
The enhanced foxtail-inspired design with soft-touched material ensures you to handle with great durability and comfort.

Well-Constructed Body 
The bulbous curvy contour of the kettle allows smooth pouring 600ml of capacity till the very last drip. The premium grade of 18-10 stainless steel is highly mirror-finished to supreme quality. 

Brew-Range Thermometer 
An optional thermometer can be replaced atop the kettle’s knob for extra function.

Compatible with Electric Stoves 
This is convenient and compatible with electric and induction stoves.


"The core value of design should be based on provision of convenience, comfort, and ease of use. Aesthetic appearance is always the fundenmetal of design."

Albert Hsueh, who grew up in Singapore and Canada, and a graduate from Industrial Design in Rhode Island Schol of Design; also the creator of the very 1st product from PAUS - Smutta Coffee series, which is inspired from the form of waterdrop, as the main key to shape its design form into a smooth & friendly perception. Also being a coffee geek himself, Albert tried to apply his coffee brewing experience into the design of Smutta series; as he states: "I need to make sure the product would be used without stress, I think this is what designers should be capable of." After a year long development, we hope to give you an experience which is just as easy as how its name means - Smutta (Sip in Swedish).