Smutta Linen Filter Set (3 Pieces)

Smutta Linen Filter Set (3 Pieces)

A durable and environmental-considered filter that is not only friendly to our land, but also preserves the original flavor of coffee.

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An alternative substitute of paper-filter. 100% made out of nature, with linen material, it does not only keeps original flavor of coffee but also saves more trees.

Material: 100% Linen


  • Provide the original flavour of coffee; Perfect extraction with strong body flavour and long least after taste.
  • Eco-friendly 100% natural linen material, reusable for 80~100 times, easy to clean and dry.


  1. Before every use please dampen the filter and thoroughly wring out.
  2. After use, discard the coffee grounds by turning the filter inside out and gently remove the excess into a bin; then rinse in warm water and hang.
  3. Avoid using detergent to wash the filter.

"The core value of design should be based on provision of convenience, comfort, and ease of use. Aesthetic appearance is always the fundenmetal of design."

Albert Hsueh, who grew up in Singapore and Canada, and a graduate from Industrial Design in Rhode Island Schol of Design; also the creator of the very 1st product from PAUS - Smutta Coffee series, which is inspired from the form of waterdrop, as the main key to shape its design form into a smooth & friendly perception. Also being a coffee geek himself, Albert tried to apply his coffee brewing experience into the design of Smutta series; as he states: "I need to make sure the product would be used without stress, I think this is what designers should be capable of." After a year long development, we hope to give you an experience which is just as easy as how its name means - Smutta (Sip in Swedish).