The motto behind PAUS

We have accumulated priceless experience and knowledge in stainless steel products and the related accessories through the past 25 years of continuous collaboration in OEM/ODM projects with many well-known international brand names. In particular, our matured expertise in the development and fabrication of high-end products has enabled us to infuse brand new creativity with our design team to establish the PAUS brand name in 2018. The development philosophy of PAUS brand name lies in the relentless pursuit of professional connotations in design and development, defining a brand-new challenge to the team in continuing to create the next phase. At the same time, we will continue to leverage on our new knowledge to seek new breakthroughs. Our ultimate goal is to share a perceptive life attitude with like-minded individuals all around the world. We understand the functionality of PAUS team’s first pivotal product. An irresistible to the touch product that encompasses the indispensable element of beauty! Hence, to complement the key target on the means of creating an elegant lifestyle, and create maximum value in practical use and aesthetics, this home lifestyle product brand name is created.