The catch behind our 1st collection

PAUS 1st Series - SMUTTA

"Smutta" is a Swedish word with meaning of "sip" in English.

When in Swedish pronunciation, the tip of tongue flits over the back of your teeth. And, you pucker your lips----"Smutta!" , which symbolizes your mouth embracing the aromatic, caramel-colored natural beverage. Thus, "Smutta" becomes the first series we would like to present to you, a group of fashionable and functional gear for pour-over coffee.

When designing this series, we wish to express the artistic concept of "Elegance of Brewing" and“Serenity of Mind”. From boiling water, holding the pour-over kettle then smoothly pouring onto coffee till the specific filter linen undertaking the vital mission of filtering and extracting, then take a sip of the aromatic coffee, it is a sensational way to start a wonderful day, or the best choice to dismiss any unpleasant mood to oblivion.