Scandinavian Syndrome

In a serene polar night, boil a pot of water to brew coffee for your loved one whilst pouring a cup of whiskey for yourself. You pick up your favorite book and lead yourself into a corner away from the world.

Slowlife have already become one of the popular lifestyles and attitudes admired around the world. The intimate relationship with nature has made people living in Scandinavian countries one of the happiest groups, and they truly appreciate simplicity and practicality. Such characteristics are often reflected in the details and design of #Nordic furniture and houseware products. Nordic lifestyle are minimalistic, yet retains the very intuitive nature of how things are supposed to function.

Scandinavian designs are most often associated with the color white, bringing in a sense of hope like a sudden burst of light in the dark and serves as a calming catalyst in various natural environments. Like most Nordic style homes, the use of luminosity and natural materials creates a calming visual painting for the eyes. 

Scandinavian lifestyle is beautiful, simple yet practical design has now become a representation of elegant harmony and is becoming a popular lifestyle in the world.