"SMUTTA" Designed by Albert Hsueh

Albert Hsueh x PAUS

When we first met Albert, and after knowing his outstanding background, we think he must be proud of it. He is indeed not, but full of modesty and low-profile.

Albert Hsueh, a native Taiwanese, spent his high school years in Singapore and Canada. After that, he completed his degree at the famous Rhode Island School of Design in the States, where he was majored in Industrial Design. After graduation, he worked hard a few years in the US and ShenZhen, China. He then decided to return his hometown, Kaohsiung, to exert his talents.

“How does such academic background and working experience lead you to?”Albert smiled and replied “For product development and its creative agitation, as well as product design, such software was incrementally accumulated in the States” said Albert, “and when I was in ShenZhen, where my design were brought into manufacturing, I had plenty of occasion to walk to production line, to testify the difference among theory, concept and practicality.”

Albert Hsueh x PAUS

He has experienced a great deal of the creative and design industry from different perspectives. “I then fully understand the importance of putting theory into practice. There are not many people having this kind of opportunity like me. I really have to admit I am quite lucky to be this unique.” said Albert.

“What is your persistence as a designer?” we asked. “Well,” Albert shared, “the core value of design should be based on provision of convenience, comfort, and ease of use, but, of course having aesthetic appearance is always the basic rule of design.” We talked with Albert about the design inspiration of PAUS “Smutta” series. It was again a surprise to us. With such an outstanding background, we do not see any exaggeration in his design, but pragmatism instead. When viewing his hand drawn draft and the real exquisite product, we were so amazed at his design was entirely considered on all detailed respects. Obviously, being a coffee geek, Albert inherited an outstanding DNA from his mother, an excellent barista for many years.

When it comes to design, Albert is a bit shy and awkward, but always with a warm smile. “I need to make sure the product can be used without stress. I think that is what designers should be capable of. And, what I want to do is Simplicity !”said Albert. Being a new dad, Albert would presumably educate his newborn baby with such a pure but caring attitude toward this world.

PAUS Concept DrawingPAUS Concept Drawing