Guide to brew a perfect coffee with Smutta®

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Check out our guide to brew a perfect coffee with Smutta®

Smutta® dripper are design with patterns which can boost the extraction while pouring-over with the linen filter. The average pore density of linen filter facilitated a balance, clean, sediment-free cup with rich aromatics from oils and a medium mouth feel.

Also, PAUS Linen Filter were made with 100% France linen material, it is Eco Friendly! High durability and it can recycle use for 80~100 times.

Try the recipe and experience the beauty of brewing today :)

PAUS Linen Filter

【What You Need】
• Smutta® Kettle
• Smutta® Carafe Brewing Kit
• Smutta® Linen Filter
• Grinder
• Scale
• Induction cooker
• Mug
• Coffee beans
• Water

• 20g medium roast coffee been. (Medium grind size)
• 300g boiled water in 92 degree Celsius.
• Perfect ratio will be 1:15 (1g coffee to 15g water)


Step 1: Immerse Linen Filter
Soak the linen filter in boiled water for 45 second.

Step 2: Prepare Coffee
Grind 20g coffee in medium grind size.

PAUS Linen Filter 

Step 3: Rinse and Preheat
Insert linen filter in to the dripper and rinse with boiled water to preheat the decanter. (Remove the water after 20 second.)

PAUS Linen Filter

Step 4: First Pour
Fill the coffee in to the filter and start pouring the water slowly to saturate the coffee.

Use 20 seconds to pour 50g of water in a steady clockwise circles motion. Starting from the center and move in and out in a concentric circles.

Step 5: Blooming
Allow the coffee to bloom for 40 seconds.

PAUS Linen Filter

Step 6: Second Pour
Start pouring more water over the coffee grinds in an “in and out” circular motion.

Same as the first pour, we will start from the center and expanding outwards to the edge of the filter and keep the water waterspout 3mm away from the walls of the filter.

Continuously pour the water until 300g water have been added. Ideally the brewing will complete around 2:00 min - 2:30 min.

Step 7: Remove The Dripper
Lift the dripper and put in on the rest.

PAUS Linen Filter

Step 8: Clean The Linen Filter
Discard the coffee grounds by Turing the filter inside out, gently remove the excess into a bin; then rinse in hot water and hang.
*Do not use detergent to wash the filter.

PAUS Linen Filter

Now enjoy your tasty coffee!